Jennifer Lawerence Wants ‘Paradise’ In First Mother! Full Trailer

Your home is your sanctuary, your love nest, your castle, your stamping ground for Jennifer Lawerence she wants her ‘paradise’. In the first full (UK) trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! that ‘paradise’ may just be hell! She has uninvited guests but the question you should be asking who truly is the victims from this trailer it may not be who you think it is?!

After last week’s 30 second teaser, the new full trailer still delivers very few answers to Aronofsky’s Psychological horror. However, what the trailer does tease the uninvited guests may become the ‘victims’ as their male host Javier Bardem may just be playing someone unhinged. Are they really uninvited guests? Which could lead us back to those posters for the movie, has Darren Aronofsky created his own Rosemary’s Baby type mindf*ck? Your mind starts to wonder what really is going on, whatever it may be it’s creeping us out!!!

In Mother! the focus is all about a couple (Jennifer Lawerence and Javier Bardem) who live a quaint life out in the tranquil countryside. That peaceful existence is interrupted when they have uninvited guests that test their relationship.

They’ve come here to see me” Bardem tells his now paranoid wife. Is he a leader of a cult which leads us to that Rosemary’s Baby type scenario or even an end of the world scenario. If it’s the latter could this be some sort pact could Lawerence be some sort of vessel? This could lead back to the posters that Bardem is a Satanic priest. Why is she fixated with a certain part of the wall? The mystery is sending our minds into overdrive but is also making us more excited to see this too. As a write this post so I’m getting so many ideas, Wicker Man, The invitation is other movies that come to mind.

Mother! is due to make its world Premiere at Venice Film Festival before Paramount Pictures release it in the UK, Ireland and USA from 15th September. The movie also stars Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, Domhnall Gleeson, Brian Gleeson, and Kristen Wiig.