Film Review – Split (2016)

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It may not be flawless, however for the better part of this exceptional thriller from notorious director M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, The Village) being nervous and absolutely on edge as things unfold is mandatory, the less you know of Split the better the nightmare experience will be.
No spoilers here.

Sterling career summit effort from Scotsman James McAvoy (Trance, Wimbledon) slip-streaming into an awkward, brilliant, frightening multi based character performance evoking, unpredictable, disturbing solid chills.
Three teen friends are kidnapped in broad daylight then taken locked up to a seemingly underground facility with a bed and bathroom.

Without a clue why they are there as things progress, the girls are visited in the room by the same man who abducted them, however he is rarely the same changing demeanour almost every time, his multi-personalities are unveiled.

Psychotic yes, weird yes, this guy is a powder keg of mixed emotions and the girls, one in particular figures out a way to manipulate him while planning their escape.

Unfortunately for everyone within near vicinity, a separate alternative personality laying dormant within his mind is looming and when unleashed all hell with break loose.

Not is all as it seems, key moments incur laughter before tonal shifts into terrifying intense situations confound as much as jolt your senses.

McAvoy is on fire, tapping into his vast repertoire of acting supreme one man show presenting limitless reach into switching it up.

On the edge of super stardom, former model now established actress Anya Taylor-Joy takes her seemingly normal teen character Casey to extremes with her own hidden agenda and cause.

Twists and turns abound it is possible a second viewing would assist in the puzzle like plot however nobody will expect the incredible final shot linking something ‘very important’ together. It’s a knockout.

Shane A.Bassett | Movie Analyst

Horror,Thriller | USA, 2017 | 15 | 20th January 2017 (UK) |Universal Pictures | Dir.M.Night Shyamalan | James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lou Richardson, Jessica Sulu, Kerry Dutka