Film Review – Cage (2016)

Film Review – Cage (2016)

A young woman awakens in a cage in a warehouse, not having any knowledge of how she got there. Her only connection to the outside world, and to her kidnapper is via her mobile phone. Not being able to contact Police she is forced to play a waiting game. As the days go on and her emotions rising and trying to convince her kidnapper to let her go, her chances of survival quickly fade.

Directed by Warren Dudley (The Cutting Room) and starring Lucy-Jane Quinlan (Where Do We Go From Here?) Cage is a remarkable and intense thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Currently about to embark on its festival run and with a US Release scheduled for November 2016 and a UK DVD release set for January 2017. This is a film that in my opinion is a must see.

I am a fan of these independent thrillers as I think they bring so much more to the film than some bigger budget films. I just honestly thought this film was great.

I have to give a million percent credit to Lucy-Jane Quinlan who pretty much carried this entire film. I think it is massively impressive for an actor any actor or actress to be able to hold a film and be able to still manage to portray emotion and be stung while doing it.Of course major credit go out to the director as well. This has to be Warrens masterpiece in my eyes. It was stunningly filmed but yet was simplistic. I think his shows the talent of everyone both in front and behind the camera.

I think what I loved most about the film was the constant tension building, you never really felt secure watching the film. It was that way where you always had a feeling something bad was going to happen and with each twist and turn things gradually got worse. I honestly was on the edge of my seat, there was even times I couldn’t watch the film. I think with it being totally centred on one character it made you just want her to be ok. It was a genius idea, having the film be based on one character.

I think, being a fan of the thriller and horror genre I did have expectations on what a film will be like. And based from the trailer for the film I was completely stunned. It completely caught me of guard and threw curve balls every step of the way.

My only negative, and not really a negative for me, but I know some people will be likely to point this out, the film was a little slow at points, personally it didn’t bother me and wasn’t really a factor I took into account, in fact I found it made the film more realistic and more frightening when things happened.

I am just so excited to see where this film goes. I also want to say that I think, even though she was amazing in the 2015 comedy Where Do We Go From Here? (Directed by John Mcphail) I do think that Lucy Jane Quinlan’s performance in this was above and beyond anything she has done before. And I really think this is going to really be the step in the right direction for her career as it shows her strengths as an actress and shows also that she can take anything that is thrown her way.

I can honestly say that this is also Warren Dudley’s strongest film to date. Its very obvious to see the love and passion that went into making this film.

I can not say enough about this check it out if it come your way!

| Ross Wilcock

Thriller | UK, 2016 | Three Wolves Ltd | 15 | January 2017 | Dir. Warren Dudley | Patrick Bergin, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Paul DuBois |

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