GFF 2016 Review – Where Do We Go From Here? (2015)

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Where Do We Go From Here? Well I’ll tell you from here the world can rejoice as there is a new Scottish film
classic in the form of this little gem. Director and Writer John Mcphail takes his audience on a ride of funny times, crazy antics and first loves.

Where Do We Go From Here? Follows the story of James (Tyler Collins) a young 20 something year old who lives and works in a Care home. After the death of his grandfather, who was a resident in the home, he feels that staying there will keep him closer to the memories of his grandfather as his grandfather brought him up. However when Jen (Lucy Jane Quinlan) begins working at the care home as a nurse James begins to see the world as a much bigger place and with the help of his home resident friends he takes Jen on a very interesting adventure that neither of them will forgot.

Not just a road trip film or a coming of age movie. WDWGFH? Is a story of human nature, the sense of belonging and the sense of knowing there is something bigger waiting for you out in the big bad world is a key theme in this film. It’s really no wonder that the film has touched so many people on an international basis. The film speaks to it’s audience and is a story that we all want and some have been lucky enough to have had.John Mcphail claims in many Q&As that he is not the romantic type, well this film speaks otherwise. A triumphant and wonderful first feature from a truly talented and humble cast and crew. Charming, funny, sweet and a little crazy Where Do We

Go From Here (rated 15) is a film that I can not recommend enough! Go and see it! Currently the film is still on its festival round but wouldn’t shock me if we were to see a DVD release at some point soon.

Ross Wilcock

Comedy | UK, 2015 | 15 | Worrying Drake Productions | Glasgow Film Festival | Dir. John McPhail | Richard Addison, Kim Allan, Michael Annis, Tyler Collins