September 27, 2022

“Ready To Play God?” First Amazing Spiderman TV Spot, 4 minute Preview Coming, Viral Launching Tomorrow

The Spiderman Cometh! The past few weeks in marketing have belong to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus then more recently The Dark Knight Rises so now it’s time for everyone’s favourite webslinger THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN to chip on the marketing train.

Last week we got the intense new trailer and now we get a fantastic 35 second tv spot which reveals some new footage but what we like about this tv spot is the end as from Monday 14th May a 4 minute preview for the film will be released. The preview will be aired first on Americas Got Talent hosted by Howard Stern, so going with the time differences it will be in the small hours of Monday into Tuesday morning, so when the preview becomes available online we’ll bring it to you in all its glory.

When it comes to marketing films especially the ‘blockbusters’ you now have to include some form of viral marketing to really get the buzz going on your film and The Amazing Spiderman is no different. Already we’ve had Captain Stacy (Dennis Leary) release a video in a style of news report how much he hates Spiders and according to tomorrow we will have another big Spiderman event. Today a new viral website  has launched nothing but the companies logo however around 5-8pm GMT (12noon US time)that even will happen what it is we don’t know yet, it could be the 4 minute preview or something we’re not expecting .

If you know your Spiderman history especially the film side Oscorp was created by Norman and Harry Osborn (green Goblin) so this is another connection to Peter Parker’s origins. But there involvement of Dr Curt Connors becoming the Lizard we don’t know how big involvement but don’t be surprised if its deep and the connection could spark the return of the characters for the sequel which is scheduled for 2014! Check out the logo  which links directly to the Oscorp website.