The Batman His Risen! Watch The Awesome Third THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer!!!

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Now we didn’t expect this one so early but boy what a trailer! Behold Gothamites, children of all ages The Dark Knight Rises Trailer three is here and its a cracker!

We’ve known for a week or so that American film fans were to be treated to the new third trailer in the previews for Avengers (Assemble) but as a good percentage of the world the film is already been unleashed our minds wondered to exactly when that trailer would arrive on our shores and today Warner Bros have released that trailer. Yesterday the viral campaign kicked off getting fans to hunt down those pieces of ‘evidence’  but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know Batman fans are hardcore bunch so they found the evidence!

Slow start to this one  but this plays like any great football team slow build up and bang in the words of one of Scott Pilgrim’s slogans “awesome  of awesomeness” hits you. We get get treated to loads of nice new footage but most of all a better look at the film’s plot as well as the main characters of Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and Bane (Tom Hardy) whose dialogue now sounds a lot clearer. One thing it is clear is Marion Cotillard’s character Miranda Tate will be Bruce Wayne’s love interest as we get a glimpse of the pair in a embracing moment, so will she be the catalyst of Catwoman turning to the wrong side of the law? Talking of law there is more of Joseph Gordon Levitt in this trailer but like Harvey Keitel is he Good cop?Bad Cop?

Oh I can’t stop going on about this one Warner Bros have certainly answered To 20th Century Fox’s Prometheus challenge so is there room for two heavyweights this summer? Find out on July 20th when The Dark Knight Rises at a cinema near you! Christian Bale,  Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine all star.