18 July 2024

Watch The Video Essays For The Art of Movie Title Design

You don’t need myself to tell you about the narrative, genre, cast, filmmakers that attract people to go watch certain films. Movie Title design plays such a vital part of promotion of films, attracting those people who go see films on a whim. From those posters or in this case the title design which you see in the trailers is there to get bums on seats.

Luís Azevedo a filmmaker who has created fantastic video essays with Little White Lies is back with a 3 part series. In the trio of essays we get a lesson in that design from three important designers Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro and Kyle Cooper. All have worked with many of the great filmmakers in history, give yourself a break for 25-26 minutes and watch these fantastic videos.

What better starting point with the designer seen as the godfather of movie title design Saul Bass. Exploring the work of legendary graphic designer Saul Bass, and how he revolutionised the art of movie title design in the 1960s.

The second video in our series on great film design looks at Pablo Ferro, whose work with Stanley Kubrick ushered in a revolution in title design.

This part will be little extra special to myself as his design along with David Carson. In the final part of the series on great film design, Luís Azevedo looks at how Kyle Cooper introduced the modern title sequence with his innovative work on David Fincher’s Se7en. His work and Carson’s work on Ray Gun magazine inspired myself into Graphic design and probably one reason why I’m a film buff nowadays.
Source: Little White Lies

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