25 May 2024

New Up In The Air: Feature Trailer

up in the air

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The second trailer (and the theatrical/ feature trailer) for UP IN THE AIR is now online today for your pleasure. Directed by Jason Reitman and according to the media webpress this movie  going down well at the festivals and it still has a few festivals to play at. Some say this movie is Jason Reitman’s best directed movie  possibly helped that George Clooney is in this movie and its a style of movie George does well at.

Up In The Air is based on a Walter Kirn novel with the same name and is about Jason Bingham (Clooney) and expert in downsizing companies basically hires and fires. On his many travels he is threatened a young hotshot. He’s a frequent flyer and about to get his 10 million air miles and meets a woman also a frequent traveller who thought he would never meet.

I know this type of movie will have its fanbase but personally in a film where nothing much happens this would just bore me (only a personal opinon) but a movie with Gorgeous George in it Im sure he’ll pull the punters in. This is one you’ll have to listen to carefully rather than visual as Im sure they’ll be a lot of dry humourous gags in it.

Up In The Air will in a British or Irish cinema from January 15th 2010.

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