20 July 2024

Universal Pictures Releases FAST FIVE Superbowl TV Spot…Yawn, zzzzz

Go Rock layeth  the smacketh on these jabroni’s  Superbowl TV Spot for FAST FIVE

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4 thoughts on “Universal Pictures Releases FAST FIVE Superbowl TV Spot…Yawn, zzzzz

  1. I understand your train of thought “thepeopelesmovies” but you have to realize that this franchise isn’t the Matrix, or Starwars, or even Saw for that matter…this is a brainless popcorn eating action packed, crazy car driving movie. The sequels are meant to appeal to the already established fan base…and the fact of the matter is, there is a HUGE car enthusiast fan base out there and I personally think that the franchise does a good job trying to appeal to all factions of that fan base; ie: Cali style street racing F&F 1-4, Classic cars F&F 1-4, Drift scene, F&F3, Lifted trucks F&F2, off-roading F&F4, even Bikes in F&F 1.

    1. yeah I know its not one of the mention franchises but even what your saying but what if your not a fan of cars and car racing I know it appeals to car enthusiasts but what if your not? it is a brainless popcorn eating car movie for car lovers and it is like saw franchise its the enthusiasts that have kept it alive and hated by no car lovers though im sure a few will like it if they drive or not.

    1. The first movie was ok nothing brillant not a car person as in racing so the whole story just didnt appealand like some franchises or movies with sequels its 4 too many and sometimes when a franchise has had a good/decent movie sometimes you can ruin the good bits by making too many sequels, .

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