13 July 2024
Tom Sainsbury as a man in distress in Loop Track

Trust Your Fear Watch UK Trailer For Loop Track

Trust your fear and watch UK Trailer for New Psychological horror thriller Loop Track.

Danger lurks in the woods in Tom Sainsburys indie which he also stars in.  Arrow Video release the UK promo that hints at a respite turns into an  paranoid nightmare.

In Loop Track Ian (Sainsbury) is a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown all thanks to everyday life. He just wants to disappear from the rest of the world and what better place than head into the local woods. He does everything to dodge fellow hikers, but what stars as solitude turns into a fight for his life from an unseen danger.

We do get glimpses of what might be lurking, which looks something it might be reptilian. Dark humour and an unsettling tome, but is everything in Ian’s mind?

Highly anxious Ian Thompson (Sainsbury) sets off on a solo trek in the New Zealand bush for some respite from the stress of everyday life. His plans for uninterrupted solitude are scuppered however, when he encounters Nicky (Hayden J Weal) and other hikers, only exacerbating his paranoia. As Ian’s grip on reality weakens, he becomes convinced they are being followed. Miles from civilisation, their journey turns into a fight for survival as Ian’s fears manifest into a surreal battle against an unseen threat lurking in the wilderness. Is it all just in his head? Or is someone, or something, really out there?

Having already triumphed twice in the challenging 48Hours film competition, Tom Sainsbury delivers a gripping and tense psychological thriller that deftly explores the subjects of isolation and paranoia. Intertwining thrilling scares with moments of off-kilter humour, Loop Track is an unforgettable experience that lingers in the mind well beyond the closing credits.

Loop Track also stars Hayden J. Weal, Tawanda Manyimo, Kate Simmonds, and Noa Campbell. You can watch the film on ARROW Player or buy it on limited edition Blu-ray from 8th July.

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