18 July 2024

Trailer & Poster For UK Thriller SCREWED Starring James Darcy, Noel Clarke

Lionsgate UK today have sent us the offical  trailer for new British Movie SCREWED starring Noel ClarkeJamie ForemanKate McGowanRay Panthaki, Doug AllenFrank Harper . Screwed is a thriller based on Ronnie Thompson‘s semi-autobiographical book and directed by Reg Traviss and is set to be released in UK & Ireland on June 3rd.

When it comes to British Movies Noel Clarke must be one of the busiest actor on the scene alongside fellow Brit Idris Elba (yes he is British, not American), appearing as Billie Piper’s boyfriend in Doctor Who series, Kidadulthood, Centurion, Doghouse, Heartless, Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll (Ian Dury biopic), Adulthood, 4,3,2,1 (the last two he directed as well). So it was no surprise he was going to appear in this one, best thing to do keep the ball rolling whilst you can!

If your not British and may think ‘Screwed’ is a rude word it is but it is also a slang term for being in trouble.

Gritty prison thriller SCREWED turns the genre on its head by showing life behind bars through the eyes of the guards. Below the trailer check out the offical UK Poster.

James D’Arcy (Master & Commander, Exorcist: The Beginning, Secret Diary of a Call Girl) stars as Sam, an English everyman forced to take a job as a prison officer on his return from a traumatic tour of duty in Iraq. He quickly bonds with his hardened fellow screws but the violence and desperation he witnesses on the job and his haunting memories of bloodshed overseas draw him down into a world of drink and drugs – a world in which he is increasingly alienated from his family.
When a confrontation with the prison authorities on the inside and the fatal shooting of a fellow officer on the outside lead Sam to the realisation that the watchmen may be as corrupt as the prisoners they’re paid to watch, he becomes embroiled in a potentially deadly game of cat-and-mouse against the background of a full-scale cellblock riot.
Screwed is produced and written by the man who lived it, Ronnie Thompson, and directed by Reg Traviss (Joy Division, Psychosis).
[viddler id=99d52dc5&w=604&h=382]

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