20 May 2024

Testify To The New 2nd American Trailer & Clips For The Counsellor

‘Hey Sexy’ Testify! Watch the new second American Trailer plus a host of clips for Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor as intimidation, stress surround Michael Fassbender.

Penned by The Road, No Country For Old Men author Cormac McCarthy The Counsellor (Fassbender) a man in dire need of cash and finds himself dragged into the drug world. With the help from Reiner (Javier Bardem) the pair must get rid of $20 million cocaine which finds the Counsellor mixing with some of the lowest of the low.

Whilst not revealing much more in what we’ve seen before however we’re starting to get a better understanding of the story as well as some of the characters which range from strange to outright nasty. Whilst the fate of Fassbender’s character is unknown we do get some hints that things don’t look good for him. If you enjoyed the surreal parts of No Country For Old Men they say your going to enjoy The Counsellor and if this film is anything  like that film we have an riveting film to look forward too.

The Counsellor is out in UK&Ireland on 15th November (25th October USA). The film also stars Brad PittCameron Diaz, Dean Norris, Rosie Perez, John LeguizamoNatalie Dormer, and Goran Višnjić.

Trailer 2

Film Clips


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