21 July 2024

Superman: Man Of Steel Has its director & Producer: Christopher Nolan & ZACK SNYDER!

Who would ever dream this one up? To many this maybe seen as a bit of a dreamteam ZACK SNYDER according to THR has been named as the new director of SUPERMAN:MAN OF STEEL with Christopher Nolan producing!

Ever since the disappointing (Im going on the reaction of other as Ive not seen this ) 2006  Bryan Singer version, a movie many hoped would have been the reboot to kick -off the Sauperman franchise but since that movie finished on our cinema screens the talk of rebooting again, a version three has been talked about. For a while it was just all talk with the ocassional attempt which never really got out of development hell until recently when Warner Bros golden child Christopher Nolan came onboard as producer. The other contenders included   Tony Scott, Jonathan Liebesman, Duncan Jones, Matt Reeves , Darren Aronofsky, Robert Zemeckis and Jonah Nolan, but it was 300/Watchmen/Legend of the guardians director who was the victor.

You may ask why Snyder? simple he has already worked with Warner Bros and they like to work time and time again with film makers who create movies that consistently bring them the money and Snyder has done that plus he’s expected to do well with Suckerpunch too. Visually this will be heavy on the special effects when its released possibly in a style not too disimilar to 300 but what type of script will be created and will it compliment each other? However hopes are high that Nolan is onboard and his vision and experience to help the script go in the direction desired along with the perfect cast to bring that dream to the big screen.

Now that the production/direction team is in place the talk will now point at who to pick for the movie, who is ideal Clark Kent for Snyder’s Superman?  who will be ideal bad guys? THR pointout possible scenarios which include Superman’s nemisis Lex Luthor (which  to me is the cheap route and now not that interesting choice), Brainiac and even General Zod played by Terrence Stamp in the 1980’s Richard Donner version.

Like many comicbook related movies things now need to start rolling quickly for 2011 or Warners could loose the copyrights to Superman but at this point no one has a clue what direction they tend to go in, will they stay with the generic camp superman or do they go for a darker edgier Man Of Steel bringing Superman into line with Batman? So what do you think guys happy? surprised? got your own views on the reboot or even your choices for the movie, love to here your view by leaving comments below!

Superman: Man Of Steel is scheduled for December 2012 release date.

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