20 July 2024

Strause Brothers Versus Sony Entertainment, Brother in legal bother with Sony?

It looks like its handbags at dawn in Los Angeles as another type of battle is about to happen involving Gregg & Colin Strause with Sony Entertainment. According to a Deadline New York,  Sony are unhappy at Universal Pictures/Relativity Media due to the similar theme of their Battle:Los Angeles and Universal’s Skyline movie directed by the Strause brothers and are in the process of issuing a lawsuit.

So why are they really unhappy? Simple Sony hired visual effects company Hydraulix which is ran by Gregg and Colin Strause to work on the visual effects of Battle :Los Angeles  and Sony are angry that the brothers did not inform them that they where about to make their own Aliwn invasion movie Skyline! Sony hired the brothers in 2009 to work on Battle Los Angeles and the issue is in wether or not the brothers access to the story and the storyboards were used to create Skyline with Sony claiming the brothers should have informed them of their intentions to create Skyline!!!

What information there is of this story it looks like Sony arent accusing Universal off blatantly ripping them off as both stories are completely different with Battle Los Angeles a more of a Blackhawk Down with Aliens story against Skyline which is Aliens in a human stealing invasion. What the legal issue many beleive is Sony actually trying to attempt to delay Skyline’s release which is November 12th and push it back to more Battle Los Angeles release of March 2011, it looks like a coperate movie giant trying to bully a rival into to when they say a rival should release a movie. I think you should leave to the real jury, us the people and we’ll decide how good or bad a movie is, expect this to rumble on.

Sony and Relativity Media refused to comment however a short statement from the Strause camp was released:

“Any claims of impropriety are completely baseless. This is a blatant attempt by Sony to force these independent filmmakers to move a release date that has long been set by Universal and Relativity and is outside the filmmakers’ control.”


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