20 July 2024

Sorry Girls Hugh Jackman wont be your Avon Man anymore! Jackman set to return for Wolverine 2

Sorry girls got to be the bearer of bad news Hugh Jackman wont be coming to your door to sell you some cosmetics from Avon, he’s getting the old adamantium claws out the drawer and dusting them down to play Wolverine once again. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 will be Jackmans choice of film according to Deadline after deciding the non-macho role of a Avon sales man not for him so now he’ll spend the autumn getting himself buffed up in what is now a prequel which is confusing as the disaterous first movie was meant to be the prequel

Avon Man was a comedy  written by Allan Loeb with Kevin Lima directing  with Jackman who was to play a man who got laid off and resorts to becoming a Avon door to door salesman and after a while he grows to accept his new role, In order to become the regions best seller he brings onboard some of his old collegues to achieve that win. The movie was ready to start filming in the autumn but now 2oth Century Fox must hunt for there new leadman but who can they go for?

The news of Jackman preparing to be Logan again is only good news for comicbook movie fans with Usual suspects writer Christopher McQaurrie scribing the new story which will take Logan to the far east in a samurai based story set in Japan. At this time there isnt a director there’s no director or even any other cast confirmed but what this move does do is confirm Fox are prepping for production to start next year.

With Jackman ready to get back into pyshical shape to play Wolverine again he may have one detour before he starts shooting with the movie Selma where he’s to play Sherriff Jim Clark, the man who arrested Martin Luther King in the Civil rights based movie to be directed by Lee Daniels with The Weinstien Company releasing the movie when its released. If he takes this detour he’ll have to gain weight to play the part which he had to gain then loose after starting film Real Steel then he’ll loose it again for Wolverine.

Avon Man maybe loosing Hugh Jackman as lead role but he will still be involved in the movie as he is one of the movies producers. Hugh Jackman is currently filming Real Steal which is due for a November 2011 release and we’ll also see him in Butter too.

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1 thought on “Sorry Girls Hugh Jackman wont be your Avon Man anymore! Jackman set to return for Wolverine 2

  1. I am a girl but I’m really happy that Hugh Jackman not will star in this silly comedy. An actor of such great talent needs scripts worthy of his abilities.

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