22 June 2024

Nothing More Mysterious Than Apollo 18, Watch UK TV Spot & clips

When it comes to trailers, clips, tv spots or any form of promotional footage film companies seem to have an tendency to spoil the fun and give away too much virtually ruining the enjoyment for all. There is one film that actually has been holding up its side of mystery, building a tense feel without spoiling the fun that movie is Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, 9) produced sci-fi thriller APOLLO 18

Following the tradition of a found footage movie  following the story of an secret NASA mission we where not susposed to find out but what is it the astronauts find and who is behind it? aliens? government conspiracy? This is certainly a movie if you want to find out whats behind it all you’ll have to go and see the movie. Even the actual release date has been a big mystery its went from April 2011 to April2012 to more recently January 20th 2012 but 2 days ago whilst walking around Glasgow city centre a bus passed advertising the movies actual UK& Irish release date and guess what its not January, it’s next Friday September 2nd, the same day as USA!

Check out the UK TV Spot along with 2 more clips from the movie and if you need a reminder of the last trailer check it out here.

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