25 July 2024

Most Overlooked Films Of 2019

Now you know The Peoples Movies Best and Worst Films for 2019, what next? Every year there will always be number of films that if you blink you’ll miss. This list will be for some of the Most Overlooked Films for 2019, films you missed for various reasons.

Not every film gets the deserved cinematic release they deserve. Many cinephiles could probably list many films that did get a run in the cinema that didn’t deserve it. Sometimes the run was very limited, sometimes it was only limited to a few cinemas or  cinema chain. We also live in an age where Comic book films, big high end blockbusters dominant the screens. Meaning many fantastic films get ignored or forgotten about. There is also the small matter of films only getting film festival or direct to home release.

Like any list, you probably wont agree with it, and that’s ok. Everyone’s tastes are different. There’s probably a few we missed too. Love to know what you think of the list and some of our writers have also shared their film choices too.

Fighting With My Family

If your looking for a film with a young women rising from the ashes to become one of WWE popular wrestlers, this one is for you. When it comes to WWE produced/backed films they aren’t always of the highest quality. This one differs starring Florence Pugh (Little Women) as Saraya Bevis who would become WWE Diva Paige. The film follows Saraya from her days wrestling with her family in Norwich to been spotted. Struggling and fighting her way through the ranks of the wrestling school to becoming that Superstar. If you’re a young person with a dream, this film shines a light on those dreams don’t give up! Fantastic cast, with the great one Dwayne Johnson producing and starring with Stephen Merchant directing. Yes that guy from The Office! It’s funny, charming, heart warming infues the traditional biopic with wit and spirit. Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Vince Vaughan and Jack Lowden also star.

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American Woman

When I was speaking to a ‘film fan’ about Signature Entertainment releases, she said “oh that distributor releases Z List horrors”. Well  she was wrong and 2019 was like a big breakthrough year for the British distributor. It was a year they released some of the best indies of the year including American Woman. Directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley who produced), Sienna Miller is a single Mother whose 17 year old daughter goes missing under unusual circumstances. Leaving behind her infant son, the film spreads over an 13 year period as we watch her go through highs and lows. Hardships, success and truth that hurts. The film got the critical response and a career defining performance from Miller. Some critics say Miller should be up for awards, sadly it barely scratched the surface at the box office. If you enjoyed Frances McDormand in Three Billboards and Patricia Arquette in Boyhood, you’ll dig this one. [Our Review]


Not every film has to be an intelligent, drama focused films. They can also be ridiculously fun filled action packed films like Crawl. It ticks all the boxes and never tries to be something else. It’s a creature feature directed by Alexander Aja produced by Sam Raimi, two filmmakers who know how to hype up the tension. Kaya Scodelario stars as a swimmer stuck with her father (Barry Pepper) at his home . All thanks to a hurricane and hungry alligators trapping them in a crawlspace. It’s short, sweet and perfect popcorn fodder, kudos to the dog, it went through hell and back!


If there’s a no thrills film that deserves to be seen by more people, it’s Joe Penna‘s Arctic. Another film probably seen more at film festivals than the very limited cinema release. A survival thriller starring TV’s Hannibal Lecter, Mads Mikkelsen. The film isn’t bogged down with back stories, cliched Hollywood blockbuster tropes, just the character attempting to survive. He plays Overgård a man trapped in a remote snow covered plains, resources running out. When the helicopter sent to rescue him crashes, with one survivor he must either leave the safety of his camp or trek into the unknown. A testament of Mikkelsen’s acting ability, virtually nil dialogue a test of human resilience. Nothing original in the film, just an upcoming director showcasing there’s life still in well used genres. [review]

Her Smell

Another fantastic Signature Entertainment release (Arctic, American Woman, The Peanut Butter Falcon). Compared to the other releases this one only received a Digital Download release, after an Film Festival run. Alex Ross Perry‘s film stars The Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss. She stars as Becky Something a Riot Grrl/Punk icon , in a no holds barred performance. She is a singer out of control, damaged goods, whose life unravelling in front of the camera from the word go. Her life is in a downward spiral from booze, drugs and everything else. The film doesn’t hold back, a character study that takes you on that journey into hell with Becky. It’s heartbreaking at times, but what a performance from Moss. [review]


Wow this is one truly bizarre film. It’s a film that doesn’t stay in one genre apart from a dark fairytale fantasy. Our lead character looks like a Neanderthal woman who works as a border security agent at a small Swedish port. She has one unique quality, a sense of smell. It’s a film surrounded in social realism and will leave you pondering after you watch it. Cruel, violent at times which questions identity, highly original film from the writer of Let The Right One In. [review]


Do you like Young people thrown into an environment forcing them to face adult responsibilities? Alejandro Landes film will fulfil your urge. Inspired by the director’s homeland of Columbia’s upheaval. a film not interested in the politics of the unknown war. The film throws the young people into a Lord Of Flies/Apocalypse Now surroundings. Watch their vulnerability take over and they don’t even know how much over their heads. A bold, ambitious film backed by an ethereal score from Mica Levi (Under The Skin, Jackie) and Jasper Wolf’s brilliant cinematography.

The Nightingale

Jennifer Kent made a big splash with her directorial debut with The Babadook. She returned in 2019 with The Nightingale a different direction but still full of horror. Set during the Australian colony era, a Story of an Irish female ex-convict (Aisling Franciosi). Who struggles to survive serving drink to to drunken British soldiers as well as singing to them. Thanks to one British officer (Sam Claflin) she looses everything in one night and embarks on a brutal revenge. This is not stylised like the big mainstream revenge films, it’s a hard watch and our leading lady is subjected a violent rape and death of her child, Husband. Van Diemen’s Land Black War took no prisoners and if you were not a British soldier you faced violence, prejudice, xenophobia. [review]

Thunder Road

Jim Cummings directorial feature debut, adapted from his short film of the same name. Sadly like most of the films on this list, didn’t get the cinematic release it deserved. If there’s film that capture the DIY ethic of filmmaking, it’s Thunder Road.Made on a virtual nil budget, if you have a great story, a cast and dedicated to give blood, sweat and tears, success will come. It did for Jim who is an advocate of independent filmmaking, and believe in your idea. He also takes the on the lead role as a cop of a small Texan town whose life starts to fall apart. It starts with the death of his mother and we feel his pain and watch him unravel from the word go. He’s a flawed character, who just wants the best and the opening scene giving an eulogy at his mums funeral is funny. It’s all about grief and study of male masculinity and fatherhood. The film title comes from the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name. Brilliant stuff.


I think the last time I enjoyed a J-lo film was The Cell. Amazingly that was 20 years ago and now Jenny from the block is ‘hustling’ as a stripper. Some critics say she deserves Oscar contention, possibly. Lorene Scarfaria‘s film is an examination at exploitative capitalism. As Strippers milk those Wall Street bankers who treat them like shit. It’s based around a true story, an entertaining farce of the corrupt found themselves fleeced. No masterpiece but fantastic performances especially for J-Lo as the girl’s ringleader. [review]

The Other Films: The Peanut Butter Falcon, Angel Has Fallen, Sorry We Missed You, Fast Colour, Book Smart, Blinded By The Light, Cities Of Last Things, Knife + Heart, In Fabric, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Ready Or Not

Here’s What some of our other writers, Overlooked films of 2019

Amelia Harvey

The Day Shall Come,
Fighting with my Family,
Wild Rose,
Little Woods,
In Fabric,
Her Smell,
Knife + Heart,
Alita Battle Angel

Georgia May

High Life

Alex Stalker

Doctor Sleep,
Fighting with My Family

Rachael Jess


Shane A.Basset


Scott J.Davis

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Courtney Spiers

Birthday Wonderland,
I Lost My Body

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