26 May 2024

It’s Time To Get Out, Watch First Trailer For [REC]4: Apocalypse


It’s time to get out…..Hola, it’s the first English language trailer for [REC] 4: Apocalypse  a stark reminder of how bloody but most all how great this franchise is!

After been accordingly invited to the wedding in [REC]3:Genesis the prequel and how the whole shebang started it’s time to fast forward and see how it’ll all end. After his compadre Paco Plaza did the honours with Genesis Jaume Balaguero  returns to the directors chair after a spell  scaring the heevie jeevies out us all with his fantastic Hitchcockian chiller Sleep Tight. The film returns to our young roving TV news  reporter we met in the first film Angel Vidal and after revelation end of  film two that she’s effected the blood will spill and the infection spreads as she makes it outside!

We believe this is the final film but like any popular franchise never say never especially if the money is stilling rolling in we may get another film. The other question  is in [REC]3: Genesis they dumped the found /first person footage style for the straight film, will they return to the old format? That maybe revealed later this month as the film is been promoted at Cannes marketplace, whose in it and exactly when [REC]4: Apocalypse will be out we don’t know at this stage expect  2014 at least we can say this is a good bet to appear at Film 4 frightfest  in August 2014 ?





















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