20 July 2024

"Its All Free Beer & Sex!" – Watch First Clip From Kevin Smith's RED STATE

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From Been mum to boxing sons to giving away free beer for sex its been a mighty 12months for Melissa Leo in Kevin Smith’s black comedy thriller RED STATE. The first clip from the movie has appeared online and shows coaxing Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, and Nicholas Braun with sexual favors and free beer. after all the build up for the ‘lottery/bingo’ for the rights to the movie ended up staying with the director who plans to distribute indie style. At this moment Smith has got the ball rolling with press interviews for the movie touring with the movie on ‘Red State Roadshow’ around USA as for us over here in UK & Ireland we’ll have to hang on and see if the movie which it will get picked up for distribution.


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1 thought on “"Its All Free Beer & Sex!" – Watch First Clip From Kevin Smith's RED STATE

  1. Finalist in Kevin Smiths MoviesAskew Film Festival. Check it out on YuTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICGQFM2Os1k

    My Name is Steven Laflamme and I flew down to Hollywood California on Setp.6th, 2006 from Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. And I attended the Movies Askew Film festival. Where I sat in the front row at a table in front of Jason Mewes for 6 hrs. and ate my 60.00$ Filet Mignon”(steak). I chose to eat that because I had been wanting to eat a steak for a year (because they do not serve steak in the backwoods of Quebec – we only have gamy food like elk or deer).

    So I quite enjoyed my steak or rather I should say my “Filet Mignon” and then Kevin Smith came out on stage and opened up the evening.

    I was living my Dream because I have been a big fan of Kevin Smith’s since 1994 when Clerks came out. I quite enjoyed the 6hrs of short films as I chatted with the two women who sat beside me. One of whom was named: “Karen”.

    As a I mentioned Jason Mewes sat behind me the old time. And at one point Kevin was joking to Jason that he was too Hollywood to come up on stage.

    I had a great time. And then at the Intermission I went up to Kevin Smith and Mattt Potter and I introduced myself.

    I told him about “Cigarettes & Superheroes” my short film which was a semi-finalist on this site. Was showcased for a month on “Movies Askew” and 4000 people hit my profile. And my other film: “My Dad (a true Story)” was a HIT for a crowd of 400 people at the National Archives in Canada this past February 11th, 2006
    (you can google it/CFI(Canadian Film Institute).

    Kevin Smith congradulated me on being a finalist in the “MOVIES ASKEW FILM FESTIVAL”. He signed my copy of Clerks. I gave him a copy of my two “AWARD WINNING” short films on DVD: “CIGARETTES & SUPERHEROES” AND “ MY DAD (A TRUE STORY)”.

    AND as they say in the story books THE REST IS HISTORY…

    Steven Laflamme
    Dead Squirrel Productions©

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