19 June 2024

Iconic Film And TV Goes ‘8-Bit’ Watercolour

Whatever you think of Forest Gump‘s legendary “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” scene will be a scene we will always associate with the film. What about Marlon Brando as The Godfather or that famous Jaws poster of the young woman swimming and the monster shark stalking her from the deep? What if these iconic Film and TV scene suddenly become 8-Bit artworks?

Thanks To New York area based artist Adam Lister who creates 8-bit inspired paintings based on iconic images and characters. Inspired from the old retro Atari and Nintendo games with a huge slice of the cubist artform Adam recreates wonderful 8-bit geometric artwork from popular culture including art history. Adam has been in touch to let us know he has just released a collection of 26 paintings influenced by film and TV. Everything from Star Wars, Edward Scissorhands, the scary Grady Twins (The Shinning) right down to those laceless Nike shoes from Back To The Future Part 2.

Adam has kindly sent us a few jpeg examples of his great work from the new collection. You can purchase prints of from the latest collection 8-bit the prices coming in around $40 per print which is around £28 (plus postage). Archival giclee prints on Epson hot press 300 gsm acid-free matte paper.Each piece comes individually packaged.
Shipping included. (orders ship in 7-10 days).

Check out the samples below but you can see the whole collection at Adam Lister‘s site Here.

BB-8 Adam ListerALister Forrest Gump ALister godfather ALister grady twinsALister AT-AT ALister bob ross ALister Edward Scissorhands ALister jaws ALister lumbergh (1) ALister wonka (1)


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