14 July 2024

Horror Channel To Hunt You For Halloween Season In October

October is nearly on us, which means Halloween will be. Before the night when the ghost world and the human world are one, the Horror Channel will present its Haunted Halloween season. Taking possession of the nation’s TVs for thirteen nights with a supernaturally spooky selection of premieres and classic favourites.

The 13 Nights will include the UK TV premiere of Jesse Thomas Cook’s The Hexecutioners, a nerve-shredding American Gothic tale of terror (premiered at 2016 Glasgow FrightFest). There are also network premieres for the gripping US-remake of cult J-Horror The Grudge starring Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar. Carles Torrens’s paranormal chiller Apartment 143 strange phenomenon terrorise an Apartment block. Amongst returning channel hits is James Wan’s supernatural stunner Insidious, John Carpenter‘s iconic The Fog, and Lluis Quilez’s Colombia-shot suspense thriller Out Of The Dark.

Friday 19 October @ 21:00 – APARTMENT 143 (2011) *Network Premiere*

A team of parapsychologists sets out to investigate a series of strange phenomena taking place in a newly occupied apartment. With the residents plagued by telephone calls with no caller, mysterious shadows and flying objects, the team attempts to contact the “other side” in order to bring peace to the apartment. However, the investigation grows increasingly dangerous as the team delve further into the apartments mysteries.

Also On Saturday 20th October The Unborn (2009), possession horror starring Oscar winner Gary Oldman, Sunday 21st is Thir13en Ghosts, the 2001 remake of the 1960’s film. The story of a nephew has left a unique collection of artifacts that includes ghosts! Also, this week is James Wan‘s Dead Silence, which a murdered ventriloquist holds key to a widow’s wife’s murder. The Haunting in Connecticut 2 a family finds out they are not the only inhabitants of the old house they live in!

Friday 26 Oct @ 21:00 – THE HEXECUTIONERS (2015) *UK TV Premiere*

In a future world where sanctioned euthanasia has become an industry, Malison is has just started a job assisting suicides for the Rite-To-Die company. After a distressing first call-out, she is paired with seasoned veteran Olivia, and they head to the remote estate of a man on his deathbed wishing to expire via a Tibetan death. Soon the shocking reasons why this arcane method has been chosen become clear, as the demise-inducing duo find themselves fighting vengeful spirits determined to stop it.

Saturday 27 Oct @ 21:00 – THE GRUDGE (2004) *Network Premiere*

n this remake of the original horror, also directed by Takashi Shimizu, the action moves to Tokyo, where where American nurse Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim. Also starring Bill Pullman, Ryo Ishibashi (Audition) and Roswell’s Jason Behr.

The rest of the week includes Emily Blunt fighting ghosts of the past in arctic conditions in Wind Chill (2007), Confined (2015) takes a journey into a warped mind of a young woman, Demonic (2015) Frank Grillo investigates the death of 5 people who were messing about with an ouija board.

There is also a small screen debut for Bruce McDonald’s atmospheric and impressive Halloween horror Hellions, and network premieres for Scott Derrickson’s terrifying The Exorcism Of Emily Rose starring Jennifer Carpenter and Tom Wilkinson, Peter Webber’s Hannibal Rising, Greg McLean’s Rogue starring Sam Worthington, vampire action thriller Priest starring Paul Bettany, and found-footage monster horror Exists.

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