14 July 2024

Happy New Year From The Peoples Movies!


Welcome the first post of 2011 and I thought I would start the year off with a editorial as its been a while plus I can let you know about a things happening here at the peoples movies and Cinehouse.

2010 was a fantastic year at the blog, with alot of milestones, recognitions as well the blog going from strength to strength but most of all is YOU guys finding my little ole’ site and coming back day after day supporting me. 2009 was a wonderfull but as in the amount of people checking out the site was even better and at the end of 2010 the figue was touch 282,000!!! So big thank you to all of you! August was the month when The Peoples Movies joined the dot.com generation dropping the wordpress part and because of that more and more film studios, movie pr’s and of course you guys are noticing the site . The recognition has given you guys more reasons to check the website out with more trailers, news and more bigger competitions  and I know its great sourcing out other goodies as its impossible to get everything but more stuff sent to me is only a good thing for all.

Everyone who reads this site or knows me in person knows i am a passionite film fan who just wants to share my passion and love of movies with everyone, but jobs have hindered or limited my time working on the blogs. From Easter around the now infamous icelandic volcano eruption into mid summer I worked overseas in Greece and now more recently long hours in nearby Glasgow and its been very frustrating not been able to do as much as I desire or even able to do nothing, Im like that bricklayer without mortar for bricks to build that wall. Many people tell me get people to help you out lower your backload so ive advertised but sadly many people say yes to help but when the rally call comes they seem to disappear but now especially in the past few weeks things could be changing.  My other blog Cinehouse is about to have a nice vrilliant facelift thanks to a regular reader of that blog  and another person a friend of that reader are willing to come onboard which is fantastic news! I wont name the two at this moment until things are in concrete but they are looking forward to some of the benefits of joining the team (screeners, festivals,etc…) but remember boys and girls theres always room for more and if your wondering what you can do check out the about blog page!

Keeping with contributors I have been fortunate to have had a few people help me out during 2010 thats Travis at The Movie Encyclopedia and The good boys & girls at Best For Films. These people have kindly shared there movie reviews but as both have there own sites it would be unfair to rely on them all the time, I have helped sharing screeners so they can be reviewed and there views shared here but now you guys can have those screeners too, you know where to contact me.

So how was everyones christmas? I hope whatever way you like to celebrate it, you enjoyed yourselves and I hope santa was good to you.The sames goes with last night as its traditional in scotland to celebrate new years eve or hogmany in the company of family & friends through the night having a party  i do hope your hangover isnt as banging as mines was today!!! You’ll notice the past 2 weeks there hasnt been as many postings on this blog the simple answer is there wasnt much stuff to post but from next week things should improve here and everything will get back to normality.

As for the look of the blog im currently working sorting out some sort of archieve for the movies and this will change the trailer page especially. You’ll notice already ive started arcvhieving any new trailers as text links instead of graphics but when the archieve is finished it will be alot better as all the trailers, clips, tv spots & featurettes along with any links to stories ive posted on that movie will be found on a new page . Most of all the new page for each movie will have everything you need on that movie (synopsis, release, casting info…), its a long process but it will be better in the long run so the current trailer page will become the launch page to the archieve site so expect sometime this month fo those pages to launch.

Im thinking about bringing back the weekly round up of whats been happening at my other blog Cinehouse and the reason behind this Ive noticed some big blogs now introducing world cinema posts weekly. First I thought the post was bringing nothing great to the peoples movies but bot my sites are just important and i think you’ll appreciate my need to promote bot of them, so look out for the weekly sunday post from cinehouse. As sundays are a quiter day ive been trying to think of what can we do to add some new stuff into the blog on sundays? Well I like sundays to be a lazy day nothing stressfull so I was thinking of starting a weekly movie quiz/puzzle thing just easy enough to fget the blood pumped back into the brain, can anyone think of anything else which could done? get in touch via email with you suggestions. What I would like is for anyone wanting to do a weekly sunday column a chance for a person to share there views (serious and funny or one or other) based on movies it could something happening in movieworld at the moment, stories, whatever as long as its movie related, email me at the usual address.

Well I think Ive covered what i need at the moment and after 2010 mediocre performance 2011 does look will be a better one with 127 hours, Kings Speech, True grit, never let me go, cowboys & aliens, x-men first class, pirates of the carribbean all fantastic movies to look forward too. tomorrow  I hope to do a little preview of this year ahead some things im looking forward and not  and this week my review of 2010 as well as the launch of the Annual  Peoples movies awards.

so once again a big happy new year to all have a great safe & sucessfull 2011 enjoy the movies and well see you all here!

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