22 July 2024
face painted man in dressed in black called Tobias Forge Ghost: Rite Here Rite Now

Film Review – Rite Here Rite Now (2024)

March 31st, 2018 is the day this current chapter of the band’s Ghost lore started. For over 6 years we have followed Cardinal Copia as he became Papa Emeritus IV after the death of Papa Nihil. We have avidly followed this story for 2 album cycles and many tours. The lore of Ghost is not an entirely complex story. Sometimes it is just a creative way to introduce new music, when Kiss the Go-Goat was released in lore it was a song that Papa Nihil came up with and they “re-released” the EP for the “50th Anniversary”. Other times it is a way to add to the mysticism and background for the characters. For example, we learn how Cardinal Copia is a part of the Bloodline and is allowed to become the frontman.

Rite Here Rite Now is being marketed as the conclusion to the narrative as well as being the band’s first concert film. During the trailer, the narrator says, “This is not a tale about death but one of life”. This is the central theme of the film and links in perfectly with the title. Rite Here Rite Now is a playful and creative way to meld the lyrics of Square Hammer with the religious undertones of the band. However, if we say the phrase as we would normally. Right here right now links into the quote said by the narrator. This a tale about life and living life to the fullest. Music has the power to bring us joy and put our lives at ease even if it is just for a moment. Papa Emeritus IV even says that before singing If You Have Ghosts. He speaks to the crowd about how life can be good and sometimes not good and that he hopes that you are having a good time. When you go to concerts the pain and suffering in your life fades away and you get swooped into the music and in a way, a magical spell is cast on you.

That feeling is hard to capture when it comes to concert films. As nothing is as good as being there live but damn does Rite Here Rite Now come so close to feeling like I’m at this concert. From the camera choices during certain moments like Cirice where usually Papa would sing a certain moment directly to a female fan in the audience. In the film, we are that fan as he speaks directly to us and blows the kiss directly into the camera. It had me captivated. Even the opening song Kaisarion was enthralling. We see a nameless Ghoul backlit behind the curtain and I was just transported back to when I saw them in 2022.

However, I did mention this earlier, but this is the conclusion of this chapter in the lore of Ghost. Throughout the film, there are moments when Papa heads backstage and during some of these moments we see how this chapter will come to its end I don’t want to say more. The conclusion is utterly perfect, and the backstage scenes elevate the entire feature to make this more than just a concert film.

Is the film overly edited? Yes. Are there moments where black bars randomly appear? Yes. But it doesn’t matter. I just feel this film is the definitive concert film and manages to capture what I love about Ghost. It captured what it is like to see the band live, and I loved being able to rock out with the nameless Ghouls, Ghoulets and Papa Emeritus IV for his final time.


In cinemas June 20, 21, 22 & 23 / Ghost, Maralyn Facey, Alan Ursillo, Ashley McBride, Kevin “Jesus” Kaufmann / Dir: Alex Ross Perry and Tobias Forge / Trafalgar Releasing / 15

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