14 July 2024

Danny Boyle Interested in Directing 28 Months Later

One story in the last 24 hours which has brought great excitement to The Peoples Movies HQ is the fact that talk of the third movie in the 28 days Later franchise , 28MONTHS LATER has surfaced again. The best thing about the whole story is that the main gossip came from the movies original director Danny Boyle has made it clear he is interested in creating movie three!

The prospect of a third movie has been the cards for a while now and the prospect of Danny Boyle brining the infected, the ‘zombies’ back to our screening is an exciting prospect of those infected runawok around the country. If stories are true Danny Boyle is interested in taking the virius and spread its love into France as well mainland Europe and if you remember the end of 28 weeks later in front of the Eiffel tower  the infection has already arrived!

So where did all the gossip start then? it all kicked off at a recent 127 Hours Q&A session when STYD presented the rumour to Danny Boyle who then also said it wouldn’t happen for at least a few years as the directors schedule is jam packed with the Frankenstien stageshow as well as the 2012 London Olympic games to arranged as well. What we also must remember Both Danny Boyle and scriptwriter Alex Garland both once great friends now apart and dont speak to each other over a dispute, so getting those rights may delay the movie releasea little bit longer as they try sort out the legal side of a possible new movie.

Im a massive fan of the franchise love the first movie to bits I still remember watching a screener after work whilst I was at university working part time at the local cinema, after midnight and every time its on tv I always watch it. The second movie it took me a while to actually appreciate the movie and both movies compliment each other, so the question many people will ask do we need a third movie? I say yes a movie maybe to finsh off the franchise and with possibly Danny Boyle on board it could be a great finish to the franchise, but I have a sneaky feeling we may even have one more after that with 28 years laters and if we did that should be the last one!

so what do you think guys another movie should 28 months later come realistic prospect with Danny Boyle as director? let us know below by posting your comments.

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