22 May 2024

Bryan Singer Confirmed As Director Of X-Men:Days Of Future Past

The recent news of Matthew Vaughn’s departure from X-Men:First Class sequel X-Men Days Of Future Past came of no surprise that Bryan Singer the man who got the ball rolling is now about to take the helm once again. According to Deadline Fox has been confirmed to fill the chair which on paper is a very safe bet due to his experience within the franchise who directed the original first 2 films with Brett Ratner  directing  X-Men:Last Stand  which Singer walked away from but returning to Vaughn’s X-Men First Class as a producer (& scripter). Now the tides have changed with Matthew Vaughn will still be involved in the film but only as a producer.

No word has been given for the main reason why Matthew Vaughn  stepped aside but with Fox going for a extremely quick replacement the 18 July 2014 is still on course. You could say Singer is one of film makers responsible for the start of the current crop of comic book movies  however  he did direct the the ill-fated 2006 Superman Returns film which may lay a blanket of caution he has now went back to the Superman franchise with Man Of Steel coming next summer. This time around things will be a lot more tighter especially in the time to create and turnaround the film  which some critics are saying was one of the reasons for Vaughn dropping, if it was why is he going to produce this one.

If your not familiar with X-men:Days Of Future Past will be based on a 1908’s graphic novel by Chris Claremont of the same name a storyline that alternates between the current and future timlines . A battle between The Brotherhood of Mutants in current time and a future where giant robots called sentinels who are ordered to destroy all mutants thanks to an assassination plot to killl an government official whom it’s believed was killed by a mutant sparking a human revolt against humans.

X-Men: Day Of Future Past is set for a UK and US release on 14th July 2014.

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