15 July 2024

Bridget Jones is back

Bridget Jones's Baby  Boys

Who can forget how Renee Zellweger made Bridget Jones a household name as she bumbled her way through life while trying to manage a 3-way love triangle?

Well now Zellweger is back, reprising her role as hapless, singleton Bridget over 14 years later, as the third instalment of the Bridget Jones saga is set to hit our screens on September 16th.

In the original film that was released in 2001, Zellweger charmed her way into our hearts with her portrayal of London based Bridget and her series of unfortunate mishaps. Obsessed with losing weight, Bridget was seen careering from one disaster to another in search of love.

She hit our screens again in 2004 in the sequel, ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’. Both films were based on the books written by Helen Fielding. Now Zellweger is about to bring a grown up, and pregnant, Bridget back to the big screen, and we can’t wait to see how things have changed for her.

Bridget’s all grown up and pregnant

The first promotional images for the film, entitled’ Bridget Jones’s Baby’ showed 46-year old Zellweger looking slim and youthful and clutching an I-pad. While the original Bridget film was based around her obsession with losing weight, and it’s well known that Zellweger gained approximately 30lbs for the role, this image shows a much more slender Bridget.

The storyline has moved on somewhat too. Bridget is now a 40-something who’s now having to juggle her role as an expectant mother with her role as a presenter on breakfast TV. In between ads for pay day loans, bingo sites and casino online, Bridget manages to hold the show together.

To ensure that she got her portrayal of a UK breakfast TV presenter just right, Zellweger attended editorial briefings of ITV’s Good Morning. While there’s no pictures or any evidence of this on social media, she was spotted leaving the London TV studios ago after her research trips.

New love interest for Bridget

Colin Firth, who won the hearts of many with his interpretation of stick-in-the-mud but sexy Mark Darcy makes a welcome return, although Hugh Grant is not set to reprise his role as the cheating Daniel Cleaver.

However, heartthrob Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy fame has joined the cast as Bridget’s new love interest and he’s already posted teasers on Instagram, talking about how much he enjoyed working with Zellweger and Firth at Pinewood Studios.

Director of original Bridget film back on board

While we do know the title of the film, details of the plot are being kept strictly under wraps. However, it has been confirmed that it’s not likely to be based on ‘Mad About the Boy’, the latest novel to be penned by Fielding.

Furthermore, to keep the team tight, the original director, Sharon Maguire is once again in charge, and One Day’s David Nicholls has penned the screenplay together with Fielding. With this team in charge we’d place a bet that it’s likely to be a success, although we’d probably get better odds trying our luck on some of the games featured on APNET.

There’s been speculation about a third film in the series for many years, but it’s taken this long to get it underway. Zellweger has only recently confirmed her availability for the role, and has no doubt taken steps to brush up on her American accent. Now, as the premiere is imminent, Bridget fans all over the country will be eager to see exactly how she has matured.

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