20 May 2024

Avatar Goes 4-D in Korea

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As we all try to the grip 3-D movies and the wonders of new technology like seen in Avatar there is always someone in the world who is trying to take things to the next level in how we can enjoy the cinema experience a whole different way.

A cinema in Korea has taken Avatar to another level and presenting the movie in 4-D!!! 4-D movies at the cinema started last year with the Journey to the centre of the earth remake (minus legendary Doug McClure). This Korean cinema used moveable chairs, Laser lights, water sprinklers, smells of wind and explosion in total about 30 different types of effects so were Used.

The catch is the price ticket is alot more expensive, nearly double the 3-d price, with Scotland/ Northern England average normal ticket price £7 ($11) to southern England £10-12 ($15-18) with 3-D prices averaging between £9 ($14) – £15 ($23). So if 4-d is introduced in UK your talking around £14 ($22) – £20 ($30) per person (adult) to enjoy this experience!!!

Korea’s leading cinema chain CJ-CGV do sell out there 4-D performances and due to the sucess of  Avatar 4-d an American animation company has done a deal to create at least 10 4-D movies a year. With techonology in movie creation so advanced and easy to implement the technology within the theatres this could actually work. After been a cinema usher during my university days, I would not want to be a usher who has to clean up after the screen has been sprinkled in water or any other liquids a health and safety issue.

The other stumbling block maybe the actual addmission price. The price is going to vary on what part of the country you come from but then again it is still expensive for 3-D so having to double the price could make this an possible failure just on that term. The econmy  been so bad and many people either in no work or struggling to make ends meets could be off putting for many people.

I do think this will be our next step in cinema but we must convince people to experience 3-d first before trying to attempt 3-d’s next level. Lower prices for movies and its extras and people will trust cinemas again and Avatar 4-d type movies will have a great chance of suceeding.

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