Paul Devine

The founder of The People's Movies, started the site 20th November 2008.The site has excelled past all expectations with many only giving the site months and it's still going strong. A lover of French Thrillers, Post Apocalyptic films, Asian cinema. 2009 started Cinehouse to start his 'cinema education' learning their is life outside mainstream cinema. Outside of film, love to travel with Sorrento, Guangzhou and Manchester all favourite destinations.Musically loves David Bowie, Fishbone, Radiohead.

WANTED: A World film regular contributor

The last few years with there’s been numerous hollywood  remakes of some excellent international filmssadly alot of the remakes have been either OK or more poor. But with so many of these international films been poorly remade many people are taking interest in the original version, thus appreciating that there is a fantastic movie world […]Read More

Sherlock Holmes: Do we need another version?

1887 the world’s number one slueth was born and made his first appearance in print. Sherlock Holmes was created by Scottish born Pyhisicist Arthur Conan Doyle,  the fictional detective  based in baker street London a master technician of observing, deductive reasoning  and expertly logically concluding and solving extremely difficult cases. When we see Sherlock Holmes […]Read More

UPDATE: 3RD July 2009

Ive updated the coming soon section and Ive also updated the trailers section: New Trailers: Death In Love  – During World War II, a Jewish woman (Bisset) saves her life thanks to a love affair with a doctor in charge of human experiments in a Nazi concentration camp. The woman then marries and moves to […]Read More

Blood The Last Vampire: Review

  This is the live action version of of the excellent cult Japanese Anime/Manga Blood The Last Vampire which came out around 2000. The film follows a half human and half vampire Saya working sort of with a ancient group called “council” and her only aim is devoting herself to hunt and slay the vampires […]Read More

Astroboy new film ,is it a Americanizing of a Kids

Late October 2009 In USA and January 2010 will see the release of the Animation of the classic Astroboy. This animation calssic was created by Osama Tezuka a way back in 1952 right through until 1968 and was called “Tetsuwan Atom” and it was a alot years later USA got the first english spoken version […]Read More


The Trailers page has been updated along with coming Soon page. All Trailers now on theire own page  and you’ll find all the posters of the film trailers and all you have to do is click on the poster of the film you want to watch, the trailer will open up in the browser or […]Read More

People say the silliest things (Article)

Just been thinking recently of some of the silliest things people have said to me over the years. I lived and worked in Manchester over a 4 year period, the city is an excellent city, I made lots of good friends and met a lot of nice people. 2001 -2003 I worked at Salford Quays […]Read More

Watch The Invention Of Lying trailer

The last few days the first trailer for Ricky Gervais new film The Invention of Lying has been posted online. The film is set in a reality where no one has ever lied, including politicians right upto the common man or woman. In comes all time looser Mark (Gervais) finds the ability to suddenly lie […]Read More

Watch New PLANET 51 trailer

I like my animation and like it when its a little different and PLANET 51 looks like it’ll be a good one. We are always seen films and animations about aliens coming to earth and the paranoia of alien invasions, what if the roles where reversed? Well Planet 51  thats what happens when a Shrek […]Read More

2010 bits (movie news)

Whilst researching my next post (be on online hopefully  next 24 hours), I was browsing throught the movie magazines and 2010 there alot of interesting  (if not excellent) film projects on the way. I was disappointed with the first film and havent seen Prince caspian but next year Voyage of the Dawn Treader which is […]Read More