23 July 2024

31 Days Of Horror (Day 2) – The House On Sorority Row (1983)


A cut above the Rest.

The House On sorority Row (previously known in the UK as House Of Evil) is an early 80’s slasher film from the genres most successful years. Following from the mega success of 1978’s Halloween and the Friday the 13th series quickly following in 1980 and its successful sequel in 1981. House on Sorority Row was on its own in amongst the big boys of the horror game.

And with the genre going down a sleazier route with Roger Corman’s Sleaze fest Slasher Comedy Slumber Party Massacre which hit audiences in 1982. HOSR was not getting the credit it clearly deserves. However the film saw massive success from its VHS sales and now has went on to receive numerous DVD and Blu-Ray releases throughout the world. It has for sure become a well deserved cult classic!

Following the story of a American sorority house getting terrorised by a crazed killer after a sorority prank goes horrible wrong.

Being one of my favourite horror films of all time I am here to tell you exactly why this is a true Halloween go to when enjoying the thrills of horror movies during the Halloween season.


The plot is simple and doesn’t sound like much but trust me this film is a gem and a sheer classic.

Over the years I have heard many people confuse this film, and for good reason, with another of my all time favourite slasher films, this time from Canada in Bob Clark‘s outstandingly stunning Black Christmas from 1974. This film shares many similarities to HOSR most noticeably the fact both films are set in a Sorority House. So understandably many people over the years have heard the plots of these films and have been confused by them.

Despite that House On Sorority Row stands up on its own two feet very well indeed having some of the most terrifying scenes in slasher film history (in my opinion) this film is a true classic and a wonderful horror film to have youre-nextin the collection.

Going onto the releases now this is where thinsg get tricky. Depending on where you are reading this from. In the Uk sadly we do not have a physical release anymore as the studio that owned the Uk DVD rights went into Admiration.

However lucky for us UK horror fans iTunes has graced us with a HD digital release. However I for one would love to see a blu-ray or at least a Collectors edition DVD of this film in the UK.I’m looking at you Arrow video or 88 Films! – Regardless if memory serves correctly I do believe that Horror channel in the UK have aired the film once or twice.

You Aussie readers out there, lucky bunch, Cinema Cult have released the film on Blu-Ray (the Australian Blu-Ray is region B meaning UK fans can import and be able to play the film on a UK player). Cinema cult have fast become one fo my favourite companies in the world releasing Black Christmas, the Burning and the Canadian classic happy Birthday To Me. The USA have seen a number of releases of the film. With the second Blu-ray release recently coming out at the end of 2015. With previous 2 disc DVD releases and collectors editions the USA have many releases to choose from.

From its release the film has found millions of fans and ever year the fan base grows. I am so excited to see where this film can go in the future. Even spawning a rather average remake in the form of the bland Sorority Row in 2009 it proves firmly what House on Sorority Row has given to the slasher genre.

I love this film and I know that you will to. Its bold, creepy and unique. While following the traditional and loved trops of the horror slasher genre.

Go seek out this incredible slaser masterpiece this Halloween! You will die for it!

| Ross Wilcock

Slasher, Horror | USA, 1982 | 15 | Dir.Mark Rosman |Kathryn McNeil, Eileen Davidson, Janis Ward,

31 Days Of Horror: 1 | 2

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