May 29, 2023

Listen To Episode 121 Of The Outside Centre Podcast With Paul Devine


That time of the month for a Podcast episode. This morning I recorded Episode 121 of the Podcast The Outside Centre. We have three World Cinema films from The Czech Republic, Italy and Spain…

This week we are reviewing two Foreign Language Oscar nominations. Firstly, Czech film The Painted Bird  about a boy during WWII and his travels across Europe. The film has been compared to the work of Tarkovsky and it reached the semi final list of the Foreign Language Oscar process before just falling short of the final group.

Next, Italian film The Traitor which is a biopic of Sicilian boss Tommaso Bucsetta played by Pierfranco Farino, which was also put forward for Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Finally, Spanish film The Occupant which is on Netflix and is about a unemployed, jealous businessman called Javier  who wishes to return to his idealized home.

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If you enjoyed this Podcast, The Outside Centre does record a episode every Two weeks. Your can listen to those episodes including back episodes at this link.

I will be a monthly guest on the podcast, and will be on episode 123 in May. Don’t have the details of which films, once I do know them, Ill tease you via The Peoples Movies social media. As for The sites own potential podcasts we’ll update you also on the site and usual social media outlets. Love to know you’re thoughts on the episodes in the comments below or over at Facebook.

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