Listen To The Outside Centre Podcast Ep.119 With Paul Devine


Our regular readers will know we’ve been trying to take steps into Podcasting for a longtime. I will say we are close to testing the waters with two potential podcasts. The awesome folks at The Outside Centre Film Podcast reached out to ourselves to give us a chance to Podcast.

The host is Theo Neumann who has been podcasting for over seven years. The Outside Centre Film Centre is a podcast dedicated to  all things world cinema. As you know myself and many other of our writers are fans of world cinema in its various forms.  They watch three new films from around the world  and dissect each one and they don’t hold back.

This week I did record Episode 119, here’s the lowdown on that episode…
Joining us for Episode 119 is Paul Devine from The People’s Movies. We talk about the site as well as Glasgow Film Festival but as always, the focus is on three pieces of world cinema. Firstly, Atlantics from Senegal which was nominated for the Foreign Language Oscar and made it to the semi final stage; next, after being received very well from publications, A Portrait of a Lady on Fire, before concluding the episode with a look at an award winner from Sundance 2020, Mexican film Identifying Features.

Listen to Episode 119

If you like to listen to Episode 119 on your favourite podcasting app or download it, please head over to the site’s website here. #

I will be a monthly guest on the podcast, The films are still to be confirmed for April Episode. Once they are confirmed I will announce them via The Peoples Movies social media. As for The sites own potential podcasts we’ll update you also on the site and usual social media outlets.