Rocketman First Trailer Will Be Flamboyant And One Crazy Ride

If you know Elton John, you’ll know a film based on his life won’t be a dull affair. Next Summer, Rocketman is gonna be one crazy flamboyant ride and today Paramount Pictures has released a slice of that ride…The first Teaser Trailer!

Where there was darkness, there is now you – and it’s going to be a wild ride.”

Described as an ‘Epic Musical fantasy’, the film will focus on Sir Elton John‘s breakthrough years. If your really looking forward to Bohemian Rhapsody, this one looks heavenly!

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The Kingsman star Taron Egerton steps up to play the young Elton whom a few days got a look at as Elton in his early iconic look. Directed by Dexter Fletcher who seems to be the go to guy when it comes to music related biopics. He is also Bohemian Rhapsody director, saving that film when Bryan Singer was booted off (he’ll still get a directorial credit).

The film has also gone through the motions, with Elton John working on the project since 2011. James McAvoy and Tom Hardy at one time lined up to play Sir Elton. This one seems to be leaning towards the 15 rating than Bohemian Rhapsody‘s 12A. Suggesting the sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll lifestyle will be highlighted. Egerton will be doing his own singing, some have criticised his singing. However, under the advice from Sir Elton, he didn’t want someone who was a carbon copy. It is a Musical Fantasy after all!

‘ROCKETMAN’ is an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years, starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Rocketman is set for a May 2019 UK and Irish cinema release.