The Hobbit To Preview Star Trek Into Darkness 9 Minute Preview(UPDATED)

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On December 13th (14th USA) we finally make our back to Middle Earth for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey however before we meet the ‘precious’ once again we will boldly go where no one has gone before and preview Star Trek 2. Paramount Pictures have announced tonight Star Trek Into Darkness a 9 minute prologue preview will be shown in front of Peter Jackson’s epic film despite there actually been a teaser trailer nor a poster just a few behind the scenes images. Paramount Pictures have been waiting for something special to reveal the first footage and possibly tease us with exactly the villainous role Benedict Cumberbatch may take and you can’t get any bigger than The Hobbit to reveal that footage.

The news of this prologue as it’s going to be called is not the first time studio’s have promoted their big films this time last year we had the infamous Dark Knight Rises 6 minute prologue with the problems understanding Tom Hardy’s Bane dialogue, The Dark Knight also played a prologue too as did The Amazing Spiderman. Despite the problems with Banes dialogue the preview was a success. So what version of the film will the preview play with?This news at the moment is for USA  which frustrates fans a lot here in UK as it’s sometimes promoted everywhere but for now it’s USA and its going to be 500 Imax screens only which may annoy American cinephiles too. Whilst studios try to spoil the fun of trailers with teasers of teaser trailers now the 9 minute previews in front of films they now ‘entice’ film fans to  watch films in unglorious 3D instead of glorious 2D for the sake of catching that preview which also maybe connected to a different film here in the UK! I have also experienced the negative side of these previews when The Amazing Spiderman preview which in UK played in front of Prometheus playing 6 minutes then the audience was then subjected to 2 minute trailer, a preview which was only shown at 3D screenig at the world of cine annoying those people there to see Prometheus not Spiderman. So no surprise they cinema got complaint from half the cinema screen!

Hopefully soon we can find out if the Star Trek preview will also been in front of The Hobbit in UK&Ireland, hopefully also if its all formats of the film too. You wonder of they’ll be an teaser trailer been released before The Hobbit arrives however if one does not,JJ Abrams/Paramount must have high regard to footage they will screen if not this could be a risky move.


(Update – 15th November) Empire have now posted news that 500 screens is not USA but 500 Imax screens worldwide including UK and Ireland! So far  Dublin, Nottingham , Enfield, Crawley, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Ipswich and Birmingham have all been confirmed and we know there is plenty more cinema with IMAX so if your local Imax is not listed don’t despair more will be revealed!