Is The Croods Dreamwork’s ‘Brave’? Watch First UK Trailer

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Yesterday we got a fantastic colourful poster for Dreamworks’ animated cave adventure The Croods and surprise Surprise no Cilla Black isn’t this one chuck the trailer has arrived! From the team behind How To Train Your Dragon Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco behind this animation the film stars the voices of Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener,Cloris Leachman and Clark Duke in a film based on a previously undiscovered era in the history of our planet.The Croods are a cave dwelling family whom Grug (Cage) tries everything to protect his family from the dangers of the outside however Eep (Stone) the flame haired daughter yearns to break free and investigate outside the cave. When Eep does venture the family cave is destroyed and the whole family must face the dangers together clashing more advanced human (played by Ryan Reyonlds).

I haven’t seen it but does The Croods sound like Dreamworks own ‘Brave’? Free spirited daughter (with red hair!)but this time it’s our father whose over protective? Whatever you think this film does look a lot more dramatic than previous films as the main part of the film looks to concentrate on the family’s adventure out in the wilderness or pardon the punt a ‘brave’ new word. The visuals are nothing but impressive but will they get the balanced formula of nice visuals, exciting storyline? This trailer is simply a tease of what lies ahead for our prehistoric ancestors but can we get used to the Cagemeister voice acting I think we can as it’s solid enough, roll on the next trailer so we can see how well this one progresses.

The Croods will be appearing at a cave near you on March 22nd 2013.

he Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world’s first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed.  Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures — and their outlook is changed forever.

A big thanks to Dreamworks / 20th Century Fox Pictures for sending us the UK version of trailer