Guy Pearce Is “Trampolining” Your Wife In International Trailer For LOCKOUT

2012 is a big year for Guy Pearce especially on the science fiction front, June 1st he probably has his biggest film to date with Ridley Scott’s ‘Aliens DNA’ Prequel Prometheus but in April he has another date with Sci-fi this time with Luc Besson’s LOCKOUT. the action thriller stars Pearce as a convicted man (probably wrongly convicted) who has to rescue the president’s daughter(Maggie Grace) from a prison ship she’s trapped on from the inmates. Yes you’ll be thinking Luc Besson plus Maggie Grace kidnapped equals Taken in space(maybe snake plissken too)? You’ll probably be right but what you see from a good chunk of the trailer we see our ‘hero’ Pearce been interrogated by Peter Stromare  and sadistically enjoying  the beating, actually selling the tough guy act really well with a little bit of Brad Pitt Fight Club vibe thrown in for good measure too.

Lockout looks like he is the key to this film and if he does what Liam Neeson did to Taken this may surprise a few snipers lining up to rip this one apart. Lockout also stars Vincent Regan, Jacky Ido, Lennie James with James Mather and Stephen St. Leger directing  and the film heading to UK&Ireland April 13th 2012.

Check out the films (French) International Trailer.

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