Kristen Stewart To Star In Akira As Kei?

If your like me your a fan of the original and cringing every minute you hearing about Hollywood’ s destruction Katsuhiro Otomo’s  classic Akira your going to hate this news/gossip. Some fans it might be the Americanization of the story others just the thought of a remake is making some sick with outrage but the blandest upcoming blockbuster is getting worse as reports are saying Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has been offered the female lead Kei in Jaume Collet Sena’s AKIRA.

In the animated classic Kei (or Kay as it’s pronounced)is a medium who is part of a underground  rebel group whom becomes the love interest for Kaneda the part that recent rumours has been offered to Garrett Hedlund. If this latest gossip is true it will mean Hedlund and Stewart will team up once more as the pair played together on the big screen adaptation of Jak Kerouac’s On The Road a new indie drama which will be her catalyst to prove her capability outside Twilight Saga. Like her other Twilight cast members Taylor Lautner has been the only only one to struggle at his first attempt with the laughable Abuction as for Robert Pattinson his first attempt looks a bit more promising with David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis.

Im sure any Akira fans who don’t like Twilight Saga will probably despise this even more  though some say the actress is the talented one out of the three main Twilight cast with Adventureland been the proof of her talent. To look at a demographic point of view you can see why Warner Bros want Stewart however if they’ve done their homework they would know the average age group of Anime-Manga fans is similar to age group of Twilight fans which leaves you to think is this version going to be the dreaded 12A?

Gary Oldman, Helena Boham Carter, Ezra Miller, Alden Ehrenreich and Kiera Knightley are other names been connected to Akira live action mostly The Colonel, Lady Miyaki, Kei and Tetsuo parts so what do you think?Akira Fans? Twilight fans? Any film fans not fans of both Akira or Twilight wondering what all the fusss is all about? Would love to know your thoughts on everything. Kristen Stewart will be next seen on a big screen this Friday not once but twice first as Bella in Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Indie drama Welcome To The Riley’s which has a limited release.

source Twitch