[The Films Of ] Christopher Nolan

2012 is only 4 a bit weeks away and I do hope Kees Van Dijkhuizen has something visually fantastic up his sleeve for next year as [The Films Of] series has been nothing but superb. Last month was my least favourite not on quality of the video montage but the director Tim Burton, I don’t detest him just his films he’s made the past few years I’ve found it hard to be 100% positive but now I know why choosing last month’s film maker was to get us into the mood for real visionary and at 41 years old still a young one at that successfully achieving glory quickly, Christoper Nolan.

Kees Said: “After hundreds of requests, one of the most visionary, iconic and successful filmmakers of our generation has finally gotten the [the films of] treatment. Christopher Nolan’s films have kept anyone of us on the edge of their seat. Every film is filled with secrets, surprises, twists and turns, and only a true movie mastermind could keep even the biggest film nut fooled until the very last minute. They’re films that demand a second, third and fourth viewing. Christopher Nolan is a perfect example of traditional filmmaking with modern twists, and is a fine addition to a series already filled to the brink with inspiring artists.

The only real question is; who can top mr. Nolan?

[the films of] is a series by Kees van Dijkhuizen, which focusses on one inspiring filmmaker every month, visualising their variety and progression through the years. Sit back and enjoy [The Films of] Christopher Nolan and if you missed any of the previous 10 montages or need a reminder all the links are below this month’s montage.

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As usual after watching this brilliant video I recommend reading Kees thought process behind the montage to  for a more in depth look . So who has the task of been the final film visonary for [The Films Of]?

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