Christopher Nolan To Direct A Howard Hughes Biopic After The Dark Knight Rises?

I always say Never Say Never when it comes to choices and in Christopher Nolan’s case regarding The Dark Knight Rises,he has said it will be his last movie in Batman franchise. So if its the last directing the cape crusader where next for Nolan? According to Vulture they know what the British director will be directing, A biopic on Howard Hughes.

You maybe saying “weren’t there already a Hughes biopic?”, yes there was the 2004 Oscar nominated The Aviator directed by Martin Scorsese which took inspiration from the Charles Higham’s biography Howard Hughes: The Secret Life. Whilst Highams book didn’t really concetrate much on the part of Hughes life when he had a mental breakdown, Nolan’s version will delve more into the crazy part of the billionaire’s life working on the book released by Michael Dronsin called Citizen Hughes : The Power, The Money and The Madness.

This version comes from the stolen memoranda (taken around 1975) and from these notes reveal alot of crazies things done and said by Hughes,what  things people would do to read those papers! The Aviator  didn’t cover alot of Hughes life especially the mad part of it and if Nolan does direct this version we can expect alot more interesting things:

  1. Running up $11million tabs with his studio RKO watching screened movies from the comfort of his bungalow naked with only a pink napkin covering his private parts.
  2. He had concerns on food safety so he bought every restaurant in his home state of Texas.
  3. Only cut his hair and toenails once a year
  4. Installed a aircraft filtration system in his car due to concerns about the air qaulity.
  5. Only trusted Mormons
  6. Had 2 addictions one for codeine the other Baskin Robbins Banana Ripple ice cream

People will right away try to compare this future movie with Martin Scorsese version and the movie will probably cover parts of it so according to reports the movie will start production in 2013 in time for a 2014 release .

source Collider

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