15 July 2024

Why Roman Reigns Needs To Turn Heel Now

Now less than 12 nights away from Wrestlemania 33, it is a busy time in the land of WWE. Not to mention the constant rumor mill spinning out of control. However it is also a very telling time for high-profile feuds and among them right now; Roman Reigns VS The Undertaker, as both shall battle at Wrestlemania in Orlando.

But asides from the high-profile feud itself, myself and other fans are vying for one thing; a Roman Reigns heel turn……. Here is why Roman Reigns needs to turn heel now.

Establishing A Top Heel Star

Essentially going into Wrestlemania Roman Reigns appears to be the heel of the feud. Thus with this in mind he has been playing off a more arrogant persona, which in fact befits his character very well. However I believe that the company may still be hesitant to turn Reigns fully heel. But turning Reigns heel could be the turning point in his seemingly stuttering WWE run, stretching back to 2015. If WWE were to finally turn Reigns heel I believe that it would pay dividends. This is because fans will finally evoke the right reaction, much like they did with The Rock back in 1998. In addition to this they could also be setting up the next top heel in the company, something which the company could use to their advantage.

Long-Term Implications For Roman Reigns

Surely by now it should not be a secret that Roman Reigns’ face persona is not over. Yes, he has his following as every wrestler does but to an extent and overall the project has failed WWE. Therefore with this in mind to successfully alter the course for Reigns’ career would be to turn him heel. In the long-term there would be a lot for Reigns to prosper, as he has all the potential to be the company’s top heel, which would catapult this popularity to heights which WWE have failed to do within the past two years.

Now Is The Best Time……. It’s Now Or Never!

Roman Reigns’ upcoming bout against The Undertaker will be the biggest of his career. So with this in mind it has been painted as the companies top feud, personally I believe that this is WWE’s current top feud. While there is only 12 nights until Wrestlemania and one would argue that they cannot efficiently turn Reigns heel; who’s to say they don’t do it at ‘Mania? Yes, during or after the match! If WWE want fans to really invest in a Roman Reigns heel turn then do it at Wrestlemania and have him blindside The Undertaker. It is now or never for WWE to turn Roman Reigns heel……..

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