19 June 2024
Penelope Cruz in Official Competition

Watch UK Trailer For Absurd Satire Official Competition

If you can’t make fun of your industry, you shouldn’t be in it. If you do, check out Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat’s Official Competition. Curzon have sent us the official UK Trailer.

Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, and Oscar Martínez star in this one.  Cruz is a darling of independent Art House filmmaking who is approached billionaire entrepreneur. He wants he to make an award winning epic film, using the best cast. The actors he wants (Banderas and Martinez) despise each other!

If it’s absurd satire you want, going by this trailer, you will get it! The two actors look like they are thrown into some totally bonkers positions to get the best out of both. You just have to look at the image for this post! How far will you go?

Independent cinema darling and Cannes Palme d’Or-winning filmmaker Lola Cuevas (Cruz) is approached by ageing, ailing business mogul Humberto Suárez (José Luis Gómez) to make a film that he hopes will be his legacy for the world. Intended as an adaptation of a much-loved literary work, Cuevas has more experimental intentions than some turgid piece of heritage cinema. Given carte blanche over the casting – Suárez’s only condition was that she choose ‘the best’ – she pits acclaimed but stiflingly snobbish ‘Actor’ Ivan Torres (Martínez) against handsome but superficial screen icon Felix Rivero (Banderas), believing that the inevitable tension between the two can only help the film’s dynamic. She couldn’t be more right, as the three gather for a nine-day rehearsal that sees each pushed to their wits’ end and underpins Cuevas’ belief that art is suffering.

The film also stars Irene Escolar, Melina Matthews, Oscar Martínez, Pilar Castro, Manolo Solo, and Karina Kolokolchykova. Curzon will release Official Competition in UK and Irish Cinemas plus Curzon Home Cinema on 26th August.

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