22 July 2024
The victims of The Man With A 1000Kids

Watch The Unbelievable Trailer For The Man With A 1000 Kids

One thing Netflix do really well, is there Documentaries series and today we get a look at the Unbelievable Trailer For The Man With A 1000 Kids.

Truly fascinating story of a charming Dutch scammer, Jonathan Meijer. A charismatic man who became a sperm donor, gaining the trust of many families across the world. A donor to hundreds — or perhaps thousands — of other children across the world.

Deceiving anyone at any level is wrong, when it comes couple unable to conceive duping them is unforgivable. The Man With A 1000 Kids follows the stories of several of the couples and their mission to expose the the loopholes in laws. Campaign to get those laws changed, so that this will never happen again …

The Man With 1000 Kids uncovers the gripping tale of a charming Dutch scammer, Jonathan Meijer, who is accused of travelling the world deceiving mothers into having his babies on a mass scale. The three-part series investigates the murky world of the fertility industry and uncovers how due to a lack of global regulations, some international fertility clinics continue to allow anonymous donations.

With exclusive access to a group of passionate and aggrieved parents, this series unravels the twisting and turning story of this YouTuber who defrauded parents from all around the world, and how they are now on a mission to push for a change in the law to prevent him deceiving more.

You can watch all three of the 60 minute episodes of The Man With A 1000 Kids launches on Netflix from 3rd July.

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