19 June 2024

Watch The PROMETHEUS Trailer, The Papermade Version!

Here on blighty and over in Ireland the long wait is over and the jury is out on Prometheus but there is some parts of the world still to experience the film in cinemas in their homeland. Some of you I know will just avoid every piece of marketing there is for this film to make sure when the time comes nothing is ruined when they watch the film, which is fair enough I understand the point (make sure you come back here and watch everything!). But we have a trailer which is worth 2 minutes of your time as its just fantastic impressive trailer which looks like someone has been spending hours watching re-runs of Blue Peter and Tony Hart programmes.

In the style of the infamous store chain which has the initials M and S in the title this trailer is no ordinary trailer this is the Prometheus paper trailer!!! Yes folks you heard right the people at the The Receptionist  youtube channel have recreated the recent Prometheus channel made out entirely of paper , lashings of stickyback plastic with a superb creative imagination and patience to replicate every frame.If you haven’t seen this why not check out our 2 reviews from Adam and Ian , Small things make big beginnings.

source Theplaylist

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