24 July 2024

Unwrap The First Trailer For Joe Swanberg’s Happy Christmas


‘Tis the season to be jolly lalalalalalaaa! It maybe a bit early to celebrate the arrival of Santa Claus  Joe Swanberg  allows you to unwrap one present the new trailer for his new film Happy Christmas.

To many UK fans Swanberg is better known for appearing in indie Horror’s with his directorial/acting buddies Adam Wingard,Ti West, AJ Bowen starring in the likes of You’re Next, V/H/S (directing), The Sacrament. More recently he directed the minor hit Drinking Buddies and now things are stepping up in cast and fianically with his latest Christmas themed drama.

Happy Christmas tells the tale of party animal twentysomething Jenny (Anna Kendrick) who moves in with her film director brother (Swanberg) and his novelist wife Kelly (Melanie Lynskey), 2 year old son. The arrival of Jenny into the fold unsetttle his brother what they thought was a happy life now sees him split from his wife and with the help of her friend Carson (Lena Dunham) opens the eyes of Kelly in happiness in life, career and relationships.

I can’t comment on Drinking Buddies which really never got a proper run in UK but  there is always a sense of realism in Joe Swanberg’s characters maybe a little too over improvised at times. The direction is just right and it’s nice to see him star/direct something that’s not horror  giving him in scope in that he can make a diverse range of films, a range of films he does quite well.

No word on if Happy Christmas will get a UK cinema release, but with a solid cast behind it, Joe Swanberg may have his second successful movie on the cards. American cinephiles can catch this 6th June on VOD or 25th July in local cinemas film also stars Mark Webber.


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