15 July 2024

Why The Undertaker Needs One More Match

Wrestlemania 33 in April appeared to be The Undertaker’s final ever PPV appearance. Upon his loss to Roman Reigns, fans and critics were content that the Deadman was finally done. Also, it was apparent that Undertaker had finally retired after years of speculation.

However in recent weeks new rumors have ignited new light. According to a number of dirt sheets, The Undertaker is now back and training in the ring. Furthermore it has been rumored that WWE are suiting up for an Undertaker VS John Cena bout, at Wrestlemania 34.

Here is why The Undertaker needs one more match.

One Final Feud To See Off The Deadman

Part of The Undertaker having one last Wrestlemania match, shall be the added element of the feud. If The Undertaker is set to face someone such as John Cena, then it would be fitting to build a longstanding feud and story between the two. This is because it would be ‘Taker’s final feud.

Having The Undertaker around is a rare commodity these days, so to have him present more often shall truly make each week of WWE TV feel special. Of Any professional wrestler in the industry there is no doubt Undertaker needs a fitting send-off, like no other superstar has ever had before. Thus creating a feud of main-event status is without question what ‘Taker deserves.

For the past 27 years, The Undertaker has been the essence of WWE and professional wrestling. Without the Deadman Wrestlemania would be without its unique aurora. Thus it goes without saying; Undertaker needs to be headline Wrestlemania 34, in order to provide him with the ultimate send-off.

The Undertaker MUST Face John Cena

Universally there might be a long-list of opponents for The Undertaker to face at Wrestlemania 34. However there is truly only one man; John Cena. If you think about it, then really it makes logical sense for the two to face-off in ‘Taker’s final bout.

Firstly, both superstars have not faced-off since 2003. Therefore with this in mind this shall essentially be a new feud for fans to sink their teeth into. Secondly, who else could see off ‘Taker? John Cena is the man to do it, because he can draw the most of the feud. In addition to this imagine Cena playing the heel of the feud? now that’s something to behold.

Having months worth of WWE TV with John Cena exchanging words with The Undertaker has the potential to be golden. While ‘Taker would not appear every week of TV, his presence every so often will be a treat for everyone.

Headline Wrestlemania 34 & Be Given A Send-Off

The Undertaker has headlined plenty of Wrestlemania’s before, however he MUST headline his final one. It goes without saying that The Undertaker essentially created a unique aurora around Wrestlemania, even without the streak being intact. So it should be obvious that he needs to headline the show of shows, one final time.

Everything from a special entrance to a farewell from every single WWE employee is in order, simply because he deserves so much due to how much he has given to the industry during his career. As well as a main-eventing match at Wrestlemania, ‘Taker must have a unique send-off following his final bout.

Picture this; as ‘Taker walks up the ramp, someone hands him his hat and coat, superstars dressed as druids and finally disappearing into the smoke, it would be a tear-jerking sight to behold as the professional wrestling industry comes to a standstill, saying farewell to be greatest professional wrestler of all time.


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