23 July 2024

Trailer For ‘White Snake’ First Warner Bros.’ Chinese Animation Co-Production

Light Chaser Animation, the studio behind Netflix’s ‘The Guardian Brothers’ are back with an all new animated feature directed by Amp Wong and Zhao Ji.

‘White Snake’ is an adaptation of famous Chinese folktale ‘Legend of the White Snake’, in which a white snake spirit transforms into a human woman and marries a scholar named Xu Xian. However the film is said to take place before the white snake meets her human companion.

The film is set to be released in China on December 21st and Warner Bros. are currently in talks for rights in other territories also. It has been in production for more than three years, and is currently undergoing the final stages of postproduction work before its December release.

Wang Wei, CEO of Light Chaser Animation had this to say about it’s production:

“For the past five years, since Light Chaser was founded, we have created several animations such as Little Door Gods (The Guardian Brothers), and, for this one, we are making a three-dimensional animation.”

It is certainly an interesting concept and the animation looks really impressive. I’m looking forward to getting the chance to see this when it releases in other areas of the world, and hopefully with a great dub cast. From the trailer I’m getting ‘Legend of the Guardian’ vibes with it’s mature tone,  as it seems to be aimed more towards teens and adults but still with appeal for a younger audience.

You can check out the stunning first poster and trailer for the film below.

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