18 July 2024

[The Films Of] Michel Gondry

When we think of great masters of film we only tend to look right at the top never in between or at the bottom or in some peoples minds world cinema.What if we took someone who who has been at the top, mixed it up with arthouse, documentary, world cinema and even mainstream blockbuster could you think of anyone? Yes ? Your Right there is one his name is MICHEL GONDRY!

Yes I know your saying it’s July and apologies for not doing anything and this one nearly sneaked away quitely but yesterday I found it by accident, part 6 of the fantastic video montage series [The Films Of] from Kees Van Dijkuizen. The series showcases 12 of the best most loved directors which captures their visual style  captures perfectly by Kees in a fitting tribute to the director or even his ‘love letters’ dedicated to his favourite filmmakers.

MICHEL GONDRY Michel Gondry is an absolute magician. His films are a feast to the eyes, but also tell warm, heartfelt stories in Gondry’s own unique way. His five feature films Human Nature, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, Be Kind Rewind and The Green Hornet are compiled in this 3-minute tribute to one of the most amazing directors alive. There’s not many directors who can glide between mainstream, arthouse, independent or even documentary.

A big well done to Kees he is now at the halfway point and he hasn’t disappointed, he captures the directors gracefully as well as showcasing the filmmaker’s progression too. Remember to check out   his Tumblr blog to see Kees thought process on his latest video.

Previous videos: Sofia Coppola / Danny Boyle / David Fincher / Wes Anderson / Baz Luhrman

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