22 May 2024

The Best Hollywood Blackjack Films

There is something about films with a casino theme that keeps people watching. It may be down to the rise of people visiting sites like choiceonlinecasino.com, with online gambling accounts for 33% of all gambling in Britain, which makes online gambling is the largest gambling sector in Britain.

Whether it is the drama of a good spin of the roulette table, or the perfect hand in poker, there is just a magic about the games of chance. This is probably why movies make use of this setting so much, and why we chose to list some of the best blackjack movies.


21 is a heist movie with a difference, mostly because it focuses on real events. When a group of MIT math students use their skills with numbers to make some money, you can guess things would not end well. At the behest of their professor Micky Rosa, they learn to count cards and take on the Vegas casinos. You can tell how it ended up, and their blackjack skills led them down a dangerous path none like to tread.

Rain Man

Counting cards seems to come up a lot with games like Blackjack, as we see with our next example of Hollywood greats. Rain Man is memorable for the performance of Dustin Hoffman, which earned him an Academy Award for best actor. What his character, Ray Babbit showed though was his ability to win big in Vegas, mainly for his skills with number crunching.

Licence to Kill

You can’t get very far in a list of blackjack movies without mentioning James Bond. Licence to Kill features a high stakes game of blackjack where the drug kingpin Franz Sanchez takes a cool quarter of a million in winnings, showing his skill with the cards. With this character also being in the sights of Bond in his desire of vengeance, his luck didn’t last much longer.

National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation

You can’t have a list of top movies without some comedy. In the vacation movies we tend to see Clark Griswald mess things up in a huge way, and this is exactly what he does when he gambles away his family’s bank account.

The casino is the setting for many excellent movies that come out of Hollywood that are even influencing some of the best online blackjack real money sites.

Can you think of any other iconic movies that feature Blackjack? I’m sure there are more than a few waiting to be discovered.

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