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Win Sicario 2: Soldado on DVD

In SICARIO 2: SOLDADO, the merciless drug war reaches new extremes as cartels begin trafficking terrorists across the US-Mexican border, pushing law enforcement to the brink of morality in order to end the terror. A heart-pounding sequel to the critically acclaimed Sicario, SICARIO 2: SOLDADO out now on digital download and on 4K UHD, DVD, […]Read More

Most Memorable Movie Scores

In any action movie, a powerful music score is essential to set pulses racing and crank up the intensity. A movie moment can be transformed with the use of one simple chord when struck at the right moment – and can turn a movie into an instant classic. Fast-paced action films are nothing without a […]Read More

Film Review 2 – Sicario 2: Soldado (2018)

In 2015 when solid thriller Sicario came to the instant attention of quality movie fans all over the world blowing away box office expectations while gaining terrific reviews all around. Covering all aspects of the drug law enforcement this follow up the story rather than a sequel is just as hardcore although the focus is […]Read More

Film Review – Sicario 2: Soldado (2018)

Let’s be honest: we, as the cinema-going collective, breathed a long sigh of trepidation at the news of a sequel to 2015’s Sicario, more so than perhaps any of the other follow-ups that have come our way in renegade since. Masterfully executed by Denis Villeneuve before he stepped over to the world of aliens and […]Read More

New Sicario 2: Soldado Featurettes We’re ‘Going To War’

Next Friday, 29th June the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario, Sicario 2: Soldado will be in the UK and Irish Cinemas. This time they have taken a low key approach to the film’s marketing which has taken many by surprise. Many weren’t expecting the second film but we’re only 7 days away, we can’t wait! […]Read More

Sicario 2: Soldado New Clip Chases ‘The Prize’

Denis Villeneuve‘s Sicario was a visceral experience which divided the critics, we loved it but still had our reservations. Amazingly later this month Sicario 2: Soldado will be released in UK and Irish cinema with many cinephiles not realizing there is a sequel. Lionsgate has gone for a low key promotion this time, with a […]Read More

New Poster Revealed For Sicario 2

To some, it’s been the forgotten and after the success of Denis Villeneuve‘s Sicario a follow up was certainly on the cards. Villeneuve has moved on to bigger better things (most recently Blade Runner 2049), Sicario 2: Soldado will be directed by Suburra director Stefano Sollima. Lionsgate Films has gone for a very low key […]Read More

Sicario 2: Soldado First Trailer, Starts War With Everyone

Copyright Lionsgate Films UK 2018 Many critics loved Denis Villeneuve‘s 2015 Oscar-nominated Sicario, it also divided opinion especially on the way Emily Blunt‘s character was treated. When we believed she was the lead role, thing suddenly unravelled she was nothing more than a patsy for something deeper.  2018 the sequel will be released, Sicario 2: […]Read More