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Competiton: Win Danger Mouse Complete Collection Box Set!

You really start to feel really old when the cartoons you watched as a kid in the 1980’s are now celebrating their 30th Anniversary! Today the greatest  ever (mouse) agent in British Intelligence and his faithful assistant Penfold are 30 today that agent is Dangermouse and we want you to celebrate his birthday in style too. To celebrate […]Read More

The World’s GreatestT Secret Agent Turns 30! DANGER MOUSE Celebrates

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the greatest secret agent the world has ever known and one of Britain’s best loved animated characters, Danger Mouse, this September FremantleMedia Enterprises is releasing Danger Mouse – The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition as a 10-disc DVD set featuring every single episode of Danger Mouse and, for the […]Read More

2009/11 is 1980s Kids Dream or a nightmare?

There’s no point of hiding it, I’m 34 next month and what they used to call, “Thatchers children”; a kid during the 1980’s when Margaret Thatcher dictatorship was a reign of terror over the British population. She openly admitted she would press the button and blow us all up with a nuke bomb, if Russia […]Read More