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Kenneth Branagh’s Death On The Nile In Production, Cast Revealed.

Kenneth Branagh is once again dawning the famous hipster moustache and becoming Hercule Pirot  once again.  Twentieth Century Fox have announced production has started on  Death on the Nile. The film marks  Branagh’s  second crack at directing (& acting) in the infamous  mystery-thriller based on the book by famed author Agatha Christie. The film will shoot […]Read More

Film Review – Hotel Mumbai (2018)

This was a film that nearly didn’t get here. Director Anthony Maras’ first feature was shot three years ago, premiered at Toronto last year so that Hotel Mumbai should have been released in November 2018 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the events that inspired the film. But, with the rights belonging to the […]Read More

Film Review – On The Basis Of Sex (2019)

Equal rights campaigner Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become an overnight sensation at over 80. Her biography, Notorious RBG, was published in 2015, lifting her profile and that nickname skywards. It was only a matter of time before films about her made it onto the screen and two of them have arrived in quick succession. Documentary […]Read More

Film Review – Sorry To Bother You (2018)

It feels like it’s been a long time coming. While US audiences and critics were shouting about Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You from the rooftops back in the summer, the UK was feeling left out on the cold. No release date on the horizon for us. Twitter nearly went into meltdown and the clamour only […]Read More

Blu-Ray Review – Call me by Your Name (2017)

This is a movie that I wish I could live in. And Mr. Guadagnino does a fantastic job at vicariously placing you within the film already through how sensual and real life it feels. That’s the most incredible piece of this movie – being able to feel the sun warm the backs of your arms, […]Read More

Watch The Sensual UK Trailer For Call Me By Your

Call Me By Your Name, the new film by Luca Guadagnino is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman. Ahead of it’s Autumn cinema release Sony Pictures Releasing UK has sent us the UK trailer. A sumptuous story of a young boy’s summer affair with an […]Read More

Film Review – Free Fire (2017)

Freewheeling and riotous, Ben Wheatley’s violent and raucous chamber piece, Free Fire arrives on blu-ray this week. Showcasing a lively and engaging cast, Wheatley’s cheerfully exploitative piece plays out almost completely within the confines of a single warehouse room, spotlighting an arms deal gone bad that deteriorates into something resembling a very violent pie fight. […]Read More

Film Review – Cars 3 (2017)

While the wonderful, timeless Toy Story series remains at the top, it is rare that a Pixar animation studio film falters, recently The Good Dinosaur just kept the successful tradition alive. Their entire catalogue is scattered with beautiful unique stories with playful family value moments spiced with drama sometimes breathtaking situations. They are all visually […]Read More

Strike A Pose Armie In Stanley Tucci’s Final Portrait UK

Some of you may know him as the face of Panem TV in The Hunger Games or more recently an alcoholic Merlin in the recent Transformers movie. Next month we will get to see another side of Stanley Tucci his latest directorial feature Final Portrait makes its British cinema debut. Recently the movie made it’s […]Read More

New Cars 3 UK Trailer Tease Lightning McQueen V Jackson

When your movie franchise is based talking vehicles that love to race, there was always going to be rivalry and Cars 3 showcases that in new UK Trailer. The latest trailer for Disney-Pixar’s animation teases the rivalry between Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer). Things get very intense as the now veteran […]Read More

Win Mine On DVD Starring Armie Hammer

From the producers of Rambo and The Expendables comes MINE – a powerful and gripping action-thriller following one man’s ultimate fight for survival. Exploding onto Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download from 17 April, MINE follows the story of an American field soldier (played by Armie Hammer; Nocturnal Animals, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) whose actions and […]Read More

You’ll Be Cookin’ After The New Free Fire 60 Second

March is turning out to be a strong month for the UK and Irish cinephiles. Already we’ve had Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty And The Beast, Personal Shopper, Get Out, Power Rangers, Life, Ghost In The Shell and Free Fire. After last year’s ode to JG Ballard‘s class war High-Rise, Ben Wheatley stays in the […]Read More